Mothers are Amazing people! They take care of you for life and will always look after and be with you! Always trust your mother! She should be your BFF for life! My mother is Amazing1 She is so caring and loving! She loves me and my brother to death! She will always be there for me! She stands up for me and we have alot of fun together! I love my mom! But of course you and your mother will get in a least one fight because that is what people do! But if you get mad at her and slam and lock your door don’t lock her out of your life! Mothers are very important! Never get rid or hurt your mother! If you agree about all this about mothers, please tell me that! My mother is the best and always will be!!!


Dogs are totally AMAZING! They are so loveable and playful!  If you ar nice with them they will give you kisses and play with you! Some dogs are super great with kids! My dog CUTIE27 is fantastic with kids and loves to play around with you! Also most dogs love to play outside in the fresh air! They will cuddle and snuggle all the time with you! Most dogs are just simply CRAZY! If you need a friend get a dog! They would make a great BFF! Those are some examples why dogs are totally AMAZING!


Basketball is a awesome sport! Here is why it is so Great. Basketball is a great sport for people who like to play sports inside! You are inside with your friends running with the ball trying to make baskets. It feels great to have the ball running down the court and then making a basket! I love how you can still feel the wind in your face even though you are inside! Also in Basketball you get to play with your friends! Basketball is not about winning it is about having fun and teamwork! When your friends are playing on your team it is even better cause they will make you feel good when you score or do something good or try to do something good and you miss they will be right by your side helping you! In Basketball never doubt yourself! Basketball is a great sport and those are some reasons why it is! I hope r tries to play basketball at some point in their life!


Soccer is the bestest sport in the whole wide world! I love to play soccer because  you get to be with your friends and make lots of new friends! Another reason i like to play soccer is because you get lots of exercise! It is so much fun to play soccer! I hope everybody tries it in their life to see how great it feels to run around kicking the ball and feeling the wind through your and on your face! I love that feeling it brings me so much joy in life! And when your playing soccer sometimes you get to even travel around your state! Soccer is not about winning it is about working as a team and most of all having tons of fun with your friends! That is all tons of reasons why i totally love to play soccer!


Sleepovers are so much fun but mostly fun with your bestest buds!  You get to hang out with your friends and stay up late and most of all Have tons of FUN!!! I for one love having and going to sleepovers! It is like my favorite thing to do in thw whole wide world! Also it feels great to have a BFF and have someone to share secrets with! Sleepovers are totally the best ever!!!


Books are amazing! They bring joy and are like a movie in your head! They are one of my favorite things to do     Read! Please i hope all of you enjoy the books as much as i do! I really hope you do! Reading is very important in your life and always will be no matter what you do you need to know how to read! So keep Reading! My fellow Readers!

The Secret Garden

The secret garden is a amazing book! It drawed me on on the  second i started it! It is full of adventure! The Secret Garden is a book you will remember for the rest of your life! For those of you who haven’t read it and love adventure and mysetery I would totally recommend it for you! Just saying READ the Seret Garden! Fantastic Book!


Super busy this week! Going to have so much fun with my Bestest Friends EVER! Lol love you Blond Girl, Brown Babe, Red Head, Soccer bud, WebGirl2, and BFF Crazy H! LOvE you guys see you this week peeps!

Lunch Stealing

People are stealing other peoples lunches! So not cool at all people! Everyone is saying it is Boy J! He is so mean to people! He is mean to one of my friends Blond Girl! He hits and makes fun of her! And if it is you Boy J i am so mad at you! For hurting Blond Girls feelings! So if he is stealing peoples lunches\food I am so ticked of at Boy J! Never go there with me Boy J!

Little Brothers

Little Brothers are So anyoing! They are so buggish and always in your privacy! UGH! Please help me get along with mine! He is always around me and in my privacy! HELP! But on the other hand… Brothers can sometimes be helpful and loving. They sometimes are like little robots for you and will do anything for you. So my point her is… Little brothers can be severly anyoing but also loving and helpful. (At times)